Vendor List

AB Tools Inc. - High Performance Rotary Metal Cutting Tools & Associated Products

Abbott Workholding - Chuck Jaws, Aluminum Tooling Columns, Workholding Fixtures

Accu-Trak Tool - Knurling Tools, Knurl Holders

Ace Drill - HSS/Carbide Drills

Advent Tool & Mfg. - Carbide/Carbide Tipped Thread & Form Milling Products

Agathon Machine Tools - Ball bearing Guide Components, Precision Die Sets

All American Products - Drill Bushings, Toggle Clamps, Tooling Components

Allen Benjamin - High Performance Carbide Taps, Chasers, Reamers

Allied Machine & Engineering Corp. - Precision Drilling Systems

Aloris Tool - Tool Posts, Holders, Lathe Accessories

Alvord-Polk - Reamers, Counterbores, Countersinks, Special Tooling Equipment

Arch Micro Tool - Standard & Special Miniature & Sub-Miniature Micro-Grain Carbide Tools

Arntz - Band Saw Blades, Circular Saw Blades, Circular Blade Grinders

ATS Workholding - Workholding Systems, Collet Chucks

Balax - Thread Forming Taps, Thread Cutting Taps, Thread Gages, Roughing End Mills

Baruk Collet & Tool - Collets, Feedfingers, Pushers

Big Kaiser - Modular Boring Systems, CNC Boring Heads

Bilz Tool - Quick Change Tool Holders

Boneham Metal Products - Drill Bushings, Dowel Pins, Adjustable Floating Reamers

Briney - Rotary Toolholding, Shrink-Fit Collet Toolholders, Tapping Systems, Drill Bushings

Buck/Forkhardt - Clamping & Workholding Applications

California Reamer Co. – Carbide/Carbide-Tipped Reamers

Centaur - Collets, Collet Chucks, Toolholders, VDI Toolholders, Tapping Systems

Circle Cutting Tools – Indexable Inserts, Brazed Carbide Cartridges

Chick Workholding – Modular Workholding

Chips Tool Repair – Indexable Tool Repair

Cleveland Steel - Ironworker Punches & Dies

Cogsdill Tool Products - Burnishing, Deburring, Shefcut Reaming, Recessing & ZX Systems

Collis Tool Corp. – Collets, Collet Chucks, Tap Holders, Tap Adapters

Conical Tool – Carbide/HSS Tapered End Mills

Controx – Cobalt/Carbide Saw Blades, Milling Cutters, End Mills

Criterion - Boring Heads, Tools, Shanks & Adapters

Danly - Die Sets & Diemakers Supplies

Data Flute – End Mills, Drills, Taps, Counterbores, Dies, Countersinks, Milling Cutters, Reamers

Destaco - Toggle Clamps, Plungers, Pneumatic & Hydraulic Clamping Systems

Di-Jet Inc. – Carbide Inserts, Carbide/Carbide Tipped Drills, End Mills, Face Mills

Dillon Mfg. - Chuck Jaws, Accessories, Nuts

Dorian Tools – Indexable Cutting Tools, Knurling Tools, Machine Tool Accessories

Dumont - Standard & Special Broaches, Keyway Broaches, Internal Hole & Surface Broaches

Eldorado – Deep Hole Drilling Tools, Gun Drills, Fixtures &Accessories

Erix – Automatic Back Spotfacing Tools

EZ Burr – Hole Deburring, Specialty Chamfering & Drilling Tools

Flex-Bar – Precision Measuring Instruments, Machine Tool Accessories

Garr Tools - Carbide End Mills, Drills, Reamers, Burrs, Specials Per Print

George Whalley - Coolant Fed Tooling & Systems

Global CNC – CNC Lathe Toolholders

Hardinge – Collets, Chuck & Workholding Accessories

Harvey Tool - Engraving Tools, End Mills, Miniature Tapered End Mills

Huron Machine Products - Chuck jaws, Soft jaws, Chucks & Accessories

HTC Tool-Cutter - Burrs, Countersinks, Drills, Cobalt, Carbide & HSS Endmills, & Reamers

Iscar Metals - Carbide Metal Working Tools, Carbide Inserts, Carbide End Mills

J&M Diamond - PCD, CBN, Natural Diamond Cutting Tools, Inserts

K-Tool - Milling, Drilling, Spot Drilling, Counterboring & Chamfer Products

Kaiser Thin-Bit - Precision Cutting Tools – Threading, Parting, Boring & Turning

Kaller Gas Springs - Nitrogen Gas Cylinders & Systems

Keo Cutters - Carbide End Mills, Center Drills, Countersinks, Drills, T-slot cutters

Kermit - Custom Ground HSS Tools, Carbide-Tipped Specials, Re-Sharpening Service

Lempco - Die Sets, Die Springs, Urethane Products

Lexington Cutter - Carbide Tipped Cutting Tools, Specials Per Print

LMT-Fette – Thread Rolling, Carbide Inserts, End Mills

Lockwood Products - Flexible Coolant Lines

M.A. Ford – Carbide & HSS End Mills, Drills, Reamers, Burrs

Malco Saw – HSS Slitting, Slotting & Jewelers Saws

Mapal – Solid Carbide High Performance Drilling Tools

Meyer Gage - Plug, Pin, Ring, Trilock, Taperlock Gages

Mikron – High Precision Cutting Tools, High Speed Small Size Crazy Drills

Mitee-Bite – Clamps for Jigs, Fixtures & T-Slot Applications

Mitsubishi - Carbide Tools, Carbide Coolant Drills

Moeller Manufacturing - Punches, Die Buttons, Retainers & Custom Made Tools

Moon Cutter - Milling Cutters, Keyseat Cutters, Saws

Morse Cutting Tools – Drills, End Mills, Reamers, Taps, Dies, Milling Cutters

New Tech Cutting Tools – Indexable Carbide Cutters

Nikole – Carbide Cutting Tools

North American Tool - Special Taps, Gauges, Threading Dies, Plug & Ring Gages

Norton - Performance Engineered Abrasives

NTK Cutting Tools – Materials & Workholders for Machining, Milling, Boring & Cutting

OSG USA - Taps, End Mills, Drills & Threadmaking Tools

Parlec – Toolholding Systems, Tapping Heads, Boring Systems, Presetting, Workholding

Precision Components - Toolholders, Extensions

Procunier - Drilling & Tapping Equipment

QPM Products – Coolant Nozzles and Related Accessories

QualiChem – Water Dilutable Cutting & Grinding Fluids, Straight Oils, Metal Cleaners, Corrosion Preventatives, Metal Forming Fluids & Metalworking Additives & Specialty Fluids

Quality Chaser Co. – Chasers for Die Heads & Tap Heads

Ready Technologies - Ready Benders, Form Tools

Ready Tool - Live Centers, Special Centers, Repair &Rebuild

Regal Cutting Tools – Taps, Gages, Dies, End Mills, Drills, Reamers

Reiff & Nestor Co. - Taps

Republic Drill – Drills, Reamers, Taps, Dies, Carbide Tipped Cutting Tools

Richards Micro Tool – Carbide/Cobalt/HSS End Mills, Drills, Countersinks

Ring Precision Components – Punches, Dies, Strippers, Pins & Bushings

Robb Jack Corp. – End Mills, Saws, Router Bits

Royal Products - Lathe Centers, Collet Chucks, Collet Closures, R8 Collets

Schaublin USA – Tool & Material Clamping Systems

Sev-Cal Tool – Carbide/HSS Countersinks, Chamfer tools, Rotary tools

Severance Tool Co. – HSS/Carbide/Carbide Tipped Cutting Tools

Shapemaster Tool Co. – PCD & PCBN Diamond Cutting Tools

SMW AutoBlok - Power Chucks, Steady Rests, Adapters

Sowa – Cutting Tools, Precision Measuring Instruments, Abrasive Products

Starrett – Precision Tools, Gages, Indicators, Gage Blocks, Optical Measuring

Superior Abrasives – Coated & Non-Woven Abrasive Products

Tecnara Tooling Systems - Boring Heads, Toolholders, Right Axle Heads, Coolant Inducers

Techniks – CNC Toolholders, Collet Chucks, Collets, Boring Tools, Router Tooling

Techleader – CNC Tooling & Workholding Devices

Tecnomagnete – Electropermanent Magnetic Clamping Systems

T.M. Smith - CNC Float Style Tap Holders, Quick Change Toolholders

Tool Flo - Threading & Grooving Tools, Milling Inserts

21st Century Manufacturing – HSS Reamers, Counterbores

Tungaloy Cutting Tools - Carbide & Ceramic Tooling

Ultradex – Carbide & Steel Shank Boring Bars, Carbide Inserts

UnitTool - C Frame Tooling, Punches & Dies, Templates

Vardex - Laydown Threading Inserts, Threadmilling &Turning Tools, Debur Blades

Walter Tools – Indexable Inserts, Turning/Drilling/Boring/Milling Tools

Widdel Industries – Special Taps, Dies & Gages

WIDIA – Indexable Inserts, Turning/Drilling/Boring/Milling Tools

WIDIA Circle - Indexable Boring and Turning Tools

WIDIA Clapp Dico - PCD/CBN Custom Metalcutting Solutions

WIDIA Erickson – Collets, Sleeves, and Toolholders

WIDIA GTD (Formerly Known as Greenfield Tap & Die) – Dies, Taps & Threadmills

WIDIA Hanita – Performance Solid-carbide Endmills

WIDIA KM Systems – KM Toolholders

WIDIA Manchester – Grooving, Part-off, and Profiling Tools

WIDIA Metal Removal – Drills and Endmills

WIDIA Metcut – Drilling and Reaming

WIDIA RTW (Roger Tool Works) – Indexable Tools

WIDIA Rübig – Performance Solid-carbide Drilling and Reaming

WIDIA Toolboss – Vending Solutions

Xactform Inc. – Solid Carbide & Indexable Threadmills

YG-1 – HSS/Cobalt Roughing & Finishing Endmills, Drills, Taps, Rotary Tooling